Our Parish

St Paul’s is extraordinary for many reasons.

We are an Anglican parish founded more than fifty years ago in the heart of Mexico. The community consists primarily of expats, seasoned residents and part time retirees - with plenty of energy and commitment for their second home in Mexico. St Paul’s has a long tradition of robust participation in the community of San Miguel de Allende, working and supporting many nonprofit organizations throughout the community. A good example of our work is an organization called Feed the Hungry. It was started in our parish kitchen and now feeds over 4,000 children daily throughout the school year. St. Paul’s also founded, and remains deeply involved in, a pre-school known as Centro Infantil San Pablo (CISP). The school serves 3 – 5 year olds who go on to do very well in primera (elementary school). Our members serve on numerous boards in the community.

New life and new ideas are endless in many communities, St Paul’s invites newcomers to share and involve themselves with us to develop ways to love and serve our world.