Vestry Minutes – November 24, 2017

Vestry Minutes - November 24, 2017

PRESENT - Mary Jane Miller, Bud and Mary Lawrence, Joe Whitmore,
Paul Escott, Sunni Putman and Bishop William
ABSENT- John, Doug and Lynn


$11,000 less than budgeted expenses to date, $19,000 above budgeted income and $10,000 ahead of all projections for the year.
Next year’s budget is to be presented at the December meeting.


Campaign - 38 responses compared to 43 we had for last year. A few have dropped away, but we have 10 new. We are still not complete and still have a few who have not pledged, year to date.


Jonathan has been an excellent chair for the Search Committee. They have posted the profile and have had a volume of responses. 4, in particular, seem to be fine candidates.


Tear down is nearly completed. $107,000 was the first estimate for the new property development project. $215,000 was the second and Bud will try to solicit one more estimate. $300 was approved to repave the driveway, making it more wheelchair and age friendly.


Norma is getting a plaque made for Sybles Memorial Garden out front. There was discussion about 2 more plaques, one for Fr. Underwood and another for Mr Donevan. All future plaques will be installed at the back of the sanctuary by the baptismal font for those who have purchased space in the Columbarium.


Paul Escott will bring the contracts to the responsible heads of organizations which use our facility. Increases are 12% for Pro Musica, 35% for PlayReaders and adjustable for the rest. These are to be reviewed, agreed on and signed. Paul also volunteered and was approved for purchasing and installing new LED lights all around the Parish to save on our electrical bills.


William cautioned the Vestry that during visits from the 2 applicants for the new rector’s position that we view them an d speak to them as friends. We will not act as if we are continuing any sort of interview or assessment of their credentials or preferences. This has already been done by the Search Committee. He and Kathy will be gone Dec. 12 to Dec. 15 to Puebla. William commended the Social Committee, headed by Sunni, and the fact that she is doing a magnificent job and the atmosphere of the church is much happier.

Dec. 10 - Lessons and Carols
Dec. 24 10:30 - Eucharist and Last Day in Advent
Dec 24 4 pm - Christmas Carols and Bells 4pm
Liturgy and Eucharist - 5pm
Dec 6 to Jan 1 - Office closed
Jan 7 - Goodbye Kathy Celebration
Jan 10 - Feb 2 - Bishop William is away in NC
Feb 5 - Monday Welcome to the Internet
Feb 7 - Wednesday Welcome to the Internet
Feb 14 - Valentine’s Day

Lynn Ramsey
Clerk of the Vestry

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