Vestry Meeting September 2017

Regular Vestry Meeting - September 27, 2017

Present: Bishop William, Mary Beth, Bud, Sunni, Joe, Paul, Doug, Norma, Lynn
Absent: Mary Jane, John
We welcomed new Vestry members, Sunni and Norma

Treasurer’s Report
Mary Beth passed the sign-up sheet for Sunday Money Counters.
Mary Beth reported that we are currently $22,000.00USD over what we expected to collect by this time in our budget and we are $5,000.00 under budget with our expenses. She reported that this has allowed her to fix the inaccuracies in our 2017 outreach funding. These now are correct on the budget report. She passed out the Ameriprise Statement and the Property Expense sheets for our consideration and information, A motion was made by Joe and seconded by Doug to receive the Treasurer’s Report for audit.

Senior Warden’s Report
Norma reported that plaques are still needed for the Columbarium. It was decided that we need standard calling card size that will show name, date of birth and date of death. The Bishop reminded us that an additional plaque is needed for Esther Sanchez, whose remains are in the garden area by the back fence. Norma reported that she can check with a woman who can supply the plaques. We decided that we should get 50 blank plaques and use a local engraver.

Bud showed us the plans for the house and reported that he has received 1 bid back from one builder. He also showed plans for other possible church projects including misc. options for each project. He reported that he had the sprinkler system test done and we lack sufficient water pressure for a sprinkler system, at this time. He recommends we change out piping and pumps to accommodate pressure needs. This will cost between 15,000 and 20,000 pesos.

Bud has a bid of $5,500USD to demo the house. There will also be an additional unknown cost to demo the existing cistern. This is because more loads will be needed to remove the demo trash. Bud asked if we should go ahead and fund for the demo? It was decided to first have the property evaluated before beginning the demo work. Peggy Blocker has been asked to do this and has said she will ASAP. Bud reported that a presentation will be made to the congregation regarding the reallocation of assets to purchase the real estate and develop it which will include existing options for use.

The Bishop reported that we will also address the search for a new rector and the search going forward. It was decided that Paul would address the property and reallocation issues and Bud would make the construction address. The Bishop will instigate the Search Discussion.

Annual Campaign
The Annual Stewardship Campaign for 2018 begins October 1 .
Karen O’Malia will chair this Campaign. Outreach
Building Use Contracts still need to be translated into Spanish.
Application Forms for organizations wanting to apply for outreach aid will be developed by Joe and Sunni and Norma. These will need to go out soon. Doug reported that it is not necessary to have these forms returned immediately, but we do need to know immediately what our budget will be for available allocations. The Bishop reported that we still need 2 Parishioners to serve on the Outreach Committee.
Rector’s Report

The Bishop reported that from 2014 until today, the averages for Sunday attendance plus Easter, Christmas and Pentecost. This year is up from 82 people in 2014 to 108 people. He reported the following figures: Easter. 153 - 2014. Christmas 77 - 2014  186 - 2015. 117- 2015  184 - 2016. 215- 2016
Advent 120-2014  78-2015 The Bishop’s visitation from St. Peter’s Lewis
83-2016. accounted for a larger attendance in 2014.

Search Committee Meeting

Joe reported that an all-day meeting of this committee was held at the home of Isobella. Their discussions included a schedule for the search and plans for this coming Sunday’s Parish Gathering. Joe, Sarah and Patti will get together on the 29th to discuss the broad descriptions of Rector, church focus, and how to collate the numbers for the full committee to have something to work with.
The Bishop reported that he will connect with the Office of Transition Ministry in New York to set up resource pools. The committee will work with these pools.
Jonathan Brown is Chairman of the Search Committee. He will be back on September 29 and he  has considerable experience in all church matters and Rector searches, in particular. He has done Parish profiles and his brother is on the Board of CDSP. A question arose of how seasonal people could be incorporated . Jonathan has designed a format for this. We will send this out
today or Monday in a form like an E-blast.

New Business
Our organist is organizing a young artist’s series and has asked the church to be a sponsor. This will cost 5,000 pesos. A motion was made by Lynn and seconded by Doug to help fund this series for young musicians. The motion passed unanimously. A point was made that we need to communicate what the official church office hours are as some have come when no one has been in the office. Miguel will be leaving every Friday at noon to get to his law class.
Miguel’s Birthday Concert will be held at St. Paul’s on Saturday, October, 28 at 7:00pm. The entire Parish is invited. Mary Beth, Sunni and Lynn will host a reception in the Parish Hall following the concert. Additional help would be appreciated. The meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be October 22.
Lynn Ramsey, Clerk of the Vestry

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