Regular Vestry Minutes – December 22, 2017

Regular Vestry Minutes - December 22, 2017

PRESENT - Mary Jane, Doug, Joe, Bishop William, Mary Beth, Bud, Sunni, Paul, Lynn


The November Minutes were distributed and a motion to accept passed without objection


See Report


No Report from Senior Warden


Bud reported that the demo on the new property is finished and has been paid. The work a little below budget and on time.

A contract, which was initially reviewed by Miguel, and then reviewed again by Joe, Miguel, Mary Beth and Bud and the builder in the builder’s office.

The contract is in both English and Spanish.

The builder was paid 40% down and construction is expected to begin on January 3. The Vestry previously approved Bud to see to and approve this contract.

Bud reported that the driveway work has been lined up.
There is money in our budget for 2018 to redo the floors in the Parish.

The AC, which owns our property, now has its own bank account.


The Bishop reports that the Parish is presently in a calm spirit with no anxiety. This is very good in a time of impending change and is a sign that the Parish is healthy. We are thankful.

We will have a Memorial Service for Jean at some point in February.

The Bishop congratulates the Parish community for rising to the occasion of Jean’s death with a tremendous response. In particular, we are grateful for Pastor Karen and Norma Robinson, as they were wonderful in helping to care for Jean. The Bishop sees this as a real growth in the Parish.

In addition, Sunni has done an outstanding job with our special events. The spirit in the entire church family has been lifted by her efforts.  She is supported by a group of folks, especially Mary Beth Lawrence, and John Catherine _________.

There were more people at Lessons and Carols this year than last.

The Christmas flowers and decor will be done for Sunday morning.

Our staff will be on holiday next week. We will pay them for the entire month on the 15th this month.

The Senior Warden and the Bishop agreed on bonuses for 2017 and signing bonuses for 2018.

Mary Jane made a motion to approve the bonuses, which was seconded by Sunni and passed unanimously.

New Business

There was a discussion about special Thank You’s for people who are doing special work for our Parish. The feeling was that these people should be recognized in front of the Parish on a monthly basis.

This month, Mary Jane will recognize and thank the following people.

Nancy , Miguel and Ruth for their work on our social media
Norma for her work in Columbarium Garden
Sunni for her work with our Food Warriors
Jonathan and our Search Committee Members
Pastor Karen for a successful Stewardship Drive


Joe reported that Xavier’s concert was wonderful.

He also read Jonathan’s Progress Update letter to the Vestry

Last Friday the Search Committee met to review 21 applicants!!
They will attempt to reduce the number to around 5. Over the next several weeks they will check references. They will then arrange Zoom interviews with candidates.


Nominations are in process.

We will approve the slate at our next regular meeting.

Our next Annual Meeting will be on February 4


We have received 43 pledges
28 are renewals
9 are new people
Net of 1 on positive

We were able to increase our diocesan assessment by 10% without increasing the amount.

The meeting was adjourned.


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