Regular Vestry Meeting – August 25, 2017

Regular Vestry Meeting - August 25, 2017

Present - Bishop William, Joe , Doug, Bud, Mary Beth, Mary Jane, Lynn

Absent - Paul, Lourdes, John

The Bishop brought the meeting to order with a prayer.

Doug made a motion to accept the minutes of our previous meeting and Joe seconded.

Treasurer's Report

Mary Beth reported that though we are in a "low season", we are still $11,001.00 USD in the red, so we are doing quite well.  Our surplus will be used to catch up with our outreach that we had to put aside for lack of funds in our initial budget.

Bud made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report for audit and Joe seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Mary Beth reported that on June 17 $205,406.00 USD was received into our checking account from Ameriprise.

Senior Warden's Report

Joe had nothing to Report.

Junior Warden's Report

Bud reported that our sprinkler system is still not finished but is in the process of getting done.  The key parts we need are coming from the states.  He is waiting, also for the timer, which is a very important component.  Bud will get costs for 3 closets in the Parish Hall to be used for chair storage.  The kitchen remodeling that was done cost apps. 17,000 pesos.

Doug interjected that we look at a line item adjustment addition to the budget when we re-address our budget in September.

Annual Campaign

The Bishop reported that we will need to gather our Parish for a Vestry Update "Town Meeting" to explain to the Parish where we are and what we are doing in our fiduciary function.  At this time, we will have cost estimates and drawings.  September 24 will be the date after the 10:30 service.  Included in is discussion will be building development options  and phases.

AC - Anglican San Pablo

Utilities for new property will need to be put on the AC.


Paul reported that he found the cheapest thing in town for rentals to be 3,000 pesos per 3 hour performance and they get the drink sales.

The Bishop reported that we have contracts.  Doug commented that they need to be in Spanish.  Mary Jane says they are not real contracts until they are run through the AC.

Pro Musica begins Oct thru Dec and then in Jan. Thru March they will have 2 concerts every weekend.

It was noted that the Vestry would need to authorize Paul to have conversations on our behalf to negotiate ways forward.  Mary Jane moved to make such an authorization and to ask Paul to be our representative.  Bud seconded the motion, which then passed unanimously.

Paul will have conversations with both Miguel and the Bishop to discuss our current relationships with these organizations, to help him find the proper path forward.

Bishop's Report on Outreach

Bishop William reported that two years ago the Vestry decided that outreach should be done on the basis of applications.  There was a question of 1) their need and 2) are there other organizations we would like to support?  The question was asked if we should invite these organizations to apply?  Joe questioned if we should, perhaps, do mailings stating that we are accepting applications up to $5,000USD?

For these reasons, we will approve the structure of an Outreach Committee, whose members will receive the applications and make recommendations to the Vestry.  The Vestry will approve the structure of said committee designating a Chair and a congregation member to serve.

Paul has a "Basis for Guidelines" that he will donate to this cause.

A motion was made by Joe and seconded by Paul to approve the structure of this committee.

Under 5E

Annual Campaign for 2018

The Vestry will look at what funding will be for 2018 and take it to the Parish.  Karen has volunteered to be the Chair for this campaign.  The Bishop will speak with her and ask that she do so.

Paul is interested in solar panels and requested permission to look into their costs.  He would also like to look into meters and then report his findings back to the Vestry.  Permission was granted.


Communications Committee Report for Socials

Mary Jane reported that Nancy will be coming back and will do 2 events.

  1. Media Usage
  2. Networking and Communication

We will have a Newsletter and Mary Jane reported that she will need 2 people to man this program.

Nominating Committee for New Vestry Members

This committee will consist of Joe, Doug and 2 congregation members. They will bring a slate of names to the Vestry.  We will need a Clerk, Junior Warden, Treasurer, (2) 3year terms and (1) unexpired term of 2 years.

Mary Jane nominates Norma Robinson and Sunni Putman to fill 2 of these spots.

A motion was made to elect Norma and Sunni to fill the unexpired terms until our Annual Meeting.  Doug will ask Steve Clark to fill the 3rd spot.  The Bishop stated that a Special Meeting could be had after church to formally elect these candidates.

Parish Survey

We are addressing the results of this survey.

Rectors Special Report

Bishop William reported that he and Kathy will be leaving us in January to move to North Carolina.  He presented 3 possible options.

  1. He formally resigns as of January 15, 2018 and he and Kathy move

back to the states.

  1. Kathy moves in January and he stays until April 1.  We begin the search process now and he stays to shepherd said process.
  2. We start the process now and he moves with Kathy in January.  He would continue helping through the process returning several times to help.

Bud questioned if we need an interim?  The Bishop said he will have to have the Bishop's approval for whatever process we choose.

The Bishop left the room allowing for Vestry discussion.

The Vestry opted for Option 2, releasing the Bishop early if we finish the process before April 1.  Joe informed the Bishop of our choice.

The meeting was adjourned.

Lynn Ramsey, Clerk of the Vestry

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