August 2016 Minutes

August 2016 Minutes

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St Paul’s Church

Minutes of the Meeting of the Vestry  August 26th 2016

Present: Vestry members, Bishop William Gregg, Doug Craig, Barbara Espinosa, Isobella Kreizel, Bud Lawrence, Lourdes Mendel, Lynn Ramsey, Joe Whitmore, Rev. Jeff Sells.

Excused Absences: Valerie Brown Coon, Lee Daneker.

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Bishop William Gregg at11.15 am with an opening prayer.

Minutes: The July Minutes will be submitted for review and approval during the September meeting.

Treasurer’s ReportThere was not report for August 2016.

Project Managers Report/Junior Wardens ReportAll the items on the list have been completed. Two outstanding new items are the donation of a fountain by Alma and the possible water pressure tank, Bud will keep the Vestry informed.

Senior Warden’s Report:

The safe has not been set with a new code but hopefully that will be done before the next Vestry meeting. There were no other items to report.

Rector’s Report:

1.Cannon White’s visit. This year the format will be changed, it will be a Saturdaypresentation only made up of two sections of lectures, one in the morning followed by a luncheon and then one in the afternoon. He will preach on Sunday then leave on Monday. The lunch menu will be discussed with the catering committee.

His housing in Centro must be decided upon nearer the date but enquiries should start, please let Bishop William or Isobella know if you have lodging or know of any. Isobella has friends who have a beautiful home that they might offer , they are not parishioners? A reception and dinner for Friday night will be planned.

  1. The Celebration of 50 years or more years of marriage!

The date will be October 2nd and those to be honored are at present:Bonnie and Dwayne Eriksmoen, Mary Beth and Bud Lawrence, Marion and Russell Archibald, Dorothy and Meredith Glenn, Shirley and Tony Adlerbert.

There will be announcements in the bulletin and at the service, however, if there is any information on any other couples who would qualify please pass that onto to the Rector and Miguel. Bonnie will be in charge of coffee hour.

Suggested gifts have been little bouquets for the ladies and boutonnieres for the gentlemen. Possibly certificates of the blessing?

  1. Tea with the Rector.

This would be held at 4.00pm with a small talk, Tuesdays or Thursdays starting in October. It is open to parishioners and all guests, all are welcome. A set of tea cups and saucers and tea plates is needed, there is a silver tea set at St Paul’s.

  1. Communications Committee.

There needs to be a group who are in San Miguel the majority of the year who can follow up on all plans and activities. The “Facebook” and “Twitter” accounts need to filled and then be monitored and kept up to date. The web site needs someone to be responsible for its upkeep, articles and photos etc.

5, New Vestry Members Nominating Committee.

A nominating committee needs to be formed, the Rector suggested , Isobella .C  Kreizel, Chair, Bud Lawrence, Glenn Ross, David McGinnis and Bonnie Eriksmoen. The nominees should be able to be presented at the November Vestry meeting, then published and without objection, confirmed prior to the January Annual Meeting. Please submit names of possible Nominees to Bishop William. The possible new members will be announced to the congregation at the Sunday service.

  1. Ministry Fair.

There will be a ministry Fair in late January or early February as the Spring visitors will be here, Isobella and Lynn will be chairing the event. Adrian will donate some of his posters and other items that he has used in the past. Volunteers for each table will be requested nearer the event date.

  1. Music Committee.

Doug Craig, Joe Whitmore and Lee Daneker are on this committee and will be working towards supporting use of new hymns and musical pieces. It was suggested that other members who have an interest or experience in the musical field should be asked to join Rev Karen is an obvious choice.

The license for the new music has been paid. The new hymn books have arrived and the choir is practicing new hymns. It was suggested that the Choir music committee meet and organize a plan for using the new hymns and music and introducing it to the congregation.

  1. Game night.

Has been well attended but there should be more information and ads put out for more attendees.  Where should the information be posted.

  1. By Laws.

These need to be updated, the Bishop will be circulating copies at the Vestry meeting for additions and /or changes to be ready to present at the Annual meeting the 3rd Sunday in January 2017.

  1. Annual Drive 2017.

Doug suggested that it be the same format as this year as it was successful, a chairperson is needed.

It should be run separately from the Stewardship. This year 2016, was based on “Participation” and 2017 will be based on “Gratitude”.

It was noted that St Paul’s is changing as the population is and the flow in and out of San Miguel has changed. Many of the new comers are only semi permanent and are not invested in the community life of the city in the months they are here and the NGO’s, including St Paul’s, are feeling the lack of new interested and supporting members.

St Paul’s must be mindful of this however, to go forward, what is the possibility of interesting a new group, how should we proceed? In the past receptions for newcomers, dinners in the Church itself, musical evenings, tea with the Bishop have all been discussed but should be taken further.

An information piece and explanation of forms of giving should be included in the St Paul’s news letter.

  1. The Acta.

The constitution of St Paul’s Church will be defined for the new AR acta and the accountants will work on the new tax system.

  1. Bishop William travel.

The Rector will be away from the 7th October to 9th October, he will be in Chicago and will inform the Vestry on whom will be presiding at the service.

  1. Succession Work.

Thinking Systems in a Parish Setting.

Bishop William would like the Vestry to read 3 books as part of the preparation for transition. We must focus on what did work and how we can develop further. Bishop William will order the first book, “A Door Set Open” for us.

The agenda being completed and no further business, the meeting was adjourned  and closed with a prayer.

September 2016 Vestry Meeting: The next Vestry meeting will be at 11.15amFriday September 23rd 2016.. Isobella Couperthwaite Kreizel Acting Clerk.

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