St. Paul’s has a huge need for storage space!! As you all know, we are in the process of building and furnishing the future rental house for St. Paul’s. In a concerted effort to keep our expenses as low as possible, I have begun shopping for great bargains. I have recently purchased a beautiful wrought iron queen bed with a brand new mattress and box springs, 2 side lamps and 2 side tables from a friend very generous with the price for these things. I can almost mark off one bedroom!! There is a very good possibility that I will be able to buy other very nice items in the very near future at VERY good prices. I also have a person who wants to donate a set of beautiful Mexican pottery for the cocina. The problem is NO PLACE TO STORE THESE WONDERFUL FINDS!

Furnishing an entire 3 bedroom home will take time and great effort without spending a ton of money. I can do it, but not at the very last minute! We will need space to store beds and other furniture, mattresses, box springs, light fixtures, kitchen wares, TVs, rugs, patio furnishings, etc. We would love not have to use any of our funds for renting the very expensive storage spaces here in SMA.

If you have access to ANY space that you are willing to let us use until we complete this project, or for any period of time, please contact our Junior Warden, Bud Lawrence or Parish Secretary, Miguel, (who can pass the word on to the right person)!! You can also contact me, Lynn Ramsey, 152-4865/

Thanking you for your thoughtful consideration!!

Lynn Ramsey

Clerk of the Vestry

Chairman Casa Remodel, in charge of decor and furnishings

P.S. If you have in your home things that you want to get rid of, please consider this project and contact me. I can tell you if it is something we can use. Thanks!

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